Product Reviews

I will admit, I am a gadget junkie. Some work, some work great and some are absolute necessities, in my book! Here are a few of the things I love to travel with:

These are now essentials when we travel, especially on cruises. Along with the magnetic hooks, they are awesome to use with wet/damp swimsuits and quick rinse out items. Not to mention being able to hang stuff from the ceiling in the bathroom and steaming the wrinkles out!

Packing cubes are an absolute gamechanger for me. It helps me to be more organized while packing, forcing me to choose wisely in what I’m taking and it also helps to be more organized and efficient at my destinations – all I have to do is take out of the suitcase and put in a drawer!

Because most ship walls, ceilings and doors are made of metal, (as are most hotel room doors) there are tons of uses for magnetic hooks! I use them to hang necklaces, purses, hats/caps, etc. This makes them easily accessible as you’re headed out the door and saves a trip back to the room because you “forgot” something!

These little guys are great to hold your daily newsletters, tickets for excursions, key cards, notes …..

Just a more heavy duty magnet – great for hanging your raincoat or other heavier items where they are easily accessible. You can use the other lightweight ones, but they have a tendency to slide down the wall. I use them to hang the backpacks, as well.

These provide incredible peace of mind when you have to check a bag. While I’ve started trying to do carry on only, there are times when we will each pack a carry on and then share a checked bag to hold heavier items – shoes, coats, liquids, etc. I always pack enough in my carry on for at least a couple of days. We’ve been fortunate to not have lost any luggage, but I’ve heard enough horror stories to know that it’s worthwhile to have these!

When you don’t want to carry a full bottle of expensive perfume or after shave, these little guys really come in handy! Easy to fill or refill with your favorite fragrances!

I put these on all our luggage when we’re traveling and it makes it very easy to spot when there are a lot of bags!

Not just for long distance travel! Great to throw in your backpack or purse. While I’ve never had to use anything in it – I have been able to share with someone who needed it before! As far as I’m concerned – far better to be prepared.

The bands on the right are the ones that I ordered, which I like – a lot! I always like to start with the less expensive, so I can see if they actually work the way they say they do and …. they do! The ones on the left, while way more expensive, have more options and look to be much better quality – so going forward, I will probably order a pair of those!

As far as I’m concerned, these are the “best kept secret” EVER! I use them to cover shoes in the suitcase, to cover plates of food, to cover oddly shaped bowls … you name it! Not 100% environmentally friendly, but …. I love the versatility!!!

If you want a “selfie stick” that is more than just for “selfies” this is a great option. Fairly lightweight and easy to use, this one will hold your phone securely and allow you to take pictures through and over fences, getting some great shots! It’s also a handy little tripod that can you an use, with a handheld remote that will take those pics when no one else is available to do it for you! If only I could remember that I have it in my backpack most of the time ….. LOL