Japan – November 2022

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you.”

Since 2018, together we have visited 5 of the 7 continents of the world, 24 countries and 16 states in the United States. George has been to all 7 continents and I have been to 6. Not sure if I will ever visit Africa, but will never say never. 😉

Designed Travel is where so many great adventures begin – in the planning process! It is so helpful to have someone who has “been there – done that” to provide you with the knowledge of what will work and what won’t. With cruises, the cruise line takes care of the when and where and how to get there – but if you are looking to do small group or individual land based trips, it’s so nice to have that planning done – taking the guess work out of the mix and leaving you the time to research and learn more about the areas you will be visiting! David is super helpful with suggestions and meticulous in his attention to detail of each and every trip.

If you’ve been looking for a lightweight quick charger for your phone – check out ClutchPro and use code ROXANNE35927. I have the original, which was great and just ordered the pro, which is magnetic and sticks to the back of your phone while charging!

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